Wicked Ways-A dance party with bad intentions-Free Event

WICKED WAYS-A dance party with bad intentions

Sat Aug 27th, 2011

9pm-until the po-po shut us down(literally)


WICKED WAYS pretty much sums up the reign of terror that Wicked Gallery has held over the fine, innocent people of Wilmington for the past year. It’s also a pretty good description of Hypersonic’s 20yr reign as the Carolinas premiere underground electronic dance music promoters and DJ collective.

One Wicked Gallery came into Wilmington with a bang, and will head to a new location with a thunderous roar. This closing party will mark the passing of the current gallery location, but will celebrate its move to a new location and the many new projects coming down the pipeline in the near future.


Randy-BeyondEDM.com, Hypersonic, Beyond Events

He began his DJ adventure in 1987 on college radio in Greensboro, NC when he started playing underground electronic music on a weekly radio show. It began as show featuring the sounds of technopop and industrial artists like Skinny Puppy and Kraftwerk, but soon ventured into the burgeoning New Beat and Acid House scene of Manchester, England in the summer of 1988. Frustrated by the lack of availability of clubs and people interested in this newly forming “rave” music sound, he moved to Atlanta, where he attended the Music Business Institute earning his Associates Degree in music business and production. While in Atlanta he helped establish one of the South’s first underground rave scenes, and eventually moved back to North Carolina to begin doing the same in his home state.

Since 1994, as Hypersonic Productions, he developed the Carolina rave scene into one of the largest and most respected places in the world for electronic dance music. His groundbreaking BEYOND series of events at The Millenium Center in Winston-Salem, NC gathered thousands of electronic music devotees from all over America together in one of the most unique venues on the East Coast. BEYOND brought professional production values from the rock concert world into the dance music scene for the first time in the Carolinas; at one point even using sound rigs rented from Hootie and The Blowfish.

Now Randy has turned his attention from promotions back to the music that he loves, returning to the DJ circuit to enlighten a new generation of electronic music fans. His sets include the latest groundbreaking music from the house and techno genres, while incorporating the classic sounds of acid house and techno that remain unfamiliar to the many new people in the EDM world. His new website project with Inkhaus Creative of Myrtle Beach will be a web portal site that features forums, blogs, event listings and podcasts from local, regional and international DJ friends. The BeyondEDM site will soon be the ultimate information site for electronic music lovers from around the world.

Cooney-Soul Beat Boutique, Inkhaus.com

He has rocked dance floors from Miami to Toronto and everywhere in between on the East Coast. With appearances beside such international stars like Mark Farina, Paul Oakenfold, George Acosta, Saeed Younan, Icey and many more, he knows how to fill the floor like professional and keep it full with a mix of funky soulful house and techno. His work as a graphic designer can be seen on many flyers and his Iinkhaus brand is one of the top website design firms in the South.

Seven VII of Sore in the Masterpiece-Wicked Gallery

Very rarely does music get the divine opportunity to coexist with visual philosophy and art. Sore in the Masterpiece is one of these rarities. They combine the essential elements musically and bring a shocking visual concept along with them. Artist, philosopher and lyricist Seven, the founder of quartiermacabre.com/ was abandoned by the heavens,isolated by humanity and speaks to all his visions through his art and lyrics. Devouring religious dogmas, capitalism and the de-evolution of the human species behind haunting yet powerful musical compositions. Along with musician Daniel Euphrat, who is the man behind bringing his macabre visions to life. He melds unique and chilling soundscapes that combine a taste of electronic music, elements from classical influences, and more of an aggressive dark touch. This night you will get to see Seven’s half of the masterpiece perform music from the much anticipated recently released album.

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Saturday August 27, 2011 – Sunday August 28, 2011

One Wicked Gallery

511 Castle St Wilmington, NC

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Originator of the underground EDM scene in North Carolina. No one has done it bigger or better. You can follow in my footsteps, but you can't wear my shoes.