Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ poll

moz screenshot Resident Advisor Top 100 DJ pollDecember is a safe bet for two things: Best of the Year polls and one house with about 348 too many strands of Christmas lights. There lists from every major music magazine, blog, tv show, amateur dj and celebrity magazine. Most tend to be nothing more than simple popularity contests that repeat the obvious swill that masses feed upon. But along comes Resident Advisor’s Top DJs of 2010 poll. For house and techno purists who remain staunchly underground in a Top 40 world, it’s pretty much the year’s definitive ranking of DJs.

I’m not going to give away this year’s results here, to get those you’ll have to check out the poll itself. But trust me trust me when I say it’s full of surprises. The top 10 has absolutely none of the press darling, globe trotting, costumed buffoons that win the popularity polls. Instead you will find rising stars, resolutely underground heroes, and 2010’s most talked about DJ in techno circles. Positions 10 through 20 are thought provoking as well, without a rat in the bunch. The overall representation that emerges portrays an EDM landscape that’s more diverse and dynamic than those found in more mainstream dance press. Admittedly, Resident Advisor’s readership is mainly focused on house and techno. There’s really no other styles represented in the poll, with the exception of some dubstep and disco DJs.

Mull it out over at RA, and let us know what you think: who’s is way too high on the list, which DJ should have had a higher slot, and what favorite got left out entirely? Do you think the rankings mirror the house and techno scenes that you follow, or more closely resemble the world festival lineups?

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