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BeyondEDM.com is back after a little adventure with gang of rouge Eastern European hackers….allegedly….and it’s time to review the new track Opa-Locka by Manuel De La Mare and Luigi Rocca coming out on Toolroom Records. Here is a trailer with all the incredible electronic dance music artists trans Opa Locka by Manuel De La Mare on Toolroom BeyondEDM Reviewthat Toolroom has lined up for this release.

This new track can be found on Toolroom Miami 2012, a compilation of tracks leading up to this years Winter Music Conference. You can catch Manuel De La Mare playing in Miami at the Welcome to Miami 5 Year Anniversary event, along with LA RIOTS.

0 Opa Locka by Manuel De La Mare on Toolroom BeyondEDM Review


Opa-Locka is a perfect track to get you in the South Beach state of mind. Its a bouncy, breezy house track with a powerful bass line and some soulful female vocals scattered across the top and in the breakdown. Check it out below on the Soundcloud Player, and head on over to your favorite music buying site to pick it up for your collection. It will be available starting Feb. 26, 2012.


Press Release from 303 Lovers:

Artists: Luigi Rocca, Manuel De La Mare
Track Name: Opa-Locka
Release Name: Toolroom Miami 2012
Label: Toolroom Records
Release date: 26th Feb 2012

Short description:
Tune in for the newest stuff from the great Italian duo – Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare. They are going to present an outstanding dancy piece of Tech-House named Opa Locka which will make your body accord to the rhythm of Music. Opa Locka is going to be yours on the 26th of February on Toolroom Records.
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Find Manuel De La Mare here:

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