Off Sonar Live Techno TV from Slam, Anja Schneider, Nic Fanciulli, Pan-Pot-6/14 at 1:15pm

BeyondEDM is feeling the heat as the summer season heats up and events get rolling for the 2012 Euro holidays. For those of us who can’t be there in person, the live feeds from sites like BE-AT TV are the next best thing. Today starting at 1:15pm Est, you can catch techno legends Slam, Anja Schneider vs Nic Fanciulli and the minimal techno sounds of Pan-Pot. They are being broadcast live from the Mobillee Records party for Off Sonar at the Piscinas Municipales Montjuic Olympic swimming pool in Barcelona, Spain. This bound to have plenty of hot music and hot bodies.


1:15pm Slam

2:15pm Anja Schneider vs Nic Fanciulli

3:15 Pan-Pot

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UPDATE: Apparently the party was shut down by the police. Good to know it’s not just the hillbilly Barney Fife rent-a-cops around here that pull such ridiculous stunts for no reason.

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