Liquified Presents Expand With Guy J Dec 18, 2015

Atlanta Techno Event With Guy J Dec 18, 2015

Beyond EDM has been at the forefront of underground electronic dance music in North Carolina since 1988. Our love for house music, techno music and other non-commercial EDM genres is well known, and over the years we have produced many events with cutting edge electronic artists like Rabbit in the Moon, Robert Armani, A Guy Called Gerald, Sasha and Digweed, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke, Hardfloor and many more.

liquified atlanta edm events Liquified Presents Expand With Guy J Dec 18, 2015 Our frequent collaborators on these events, Liquified, is beginning a new series of EDM events in Atlanta called EXPAND. These shows will focus on the underground side of electronic music with a lineup of DJ’s who play house music, techno, tech-house and other genres that don’t usually get much exposure at mainstream EDM events or in EDM blogs. The first one features Guy J on Dec 18, 2015, and a little insider information tells us that many more huge names are to come for the Atlanta techno lovers. Check back with us often and we will be releasing their names as soon as we are allowed. Tickets to Expand with Guy J are $15, so follow that link to get yours now.

Liquified Presents Expand Dec 18, 2015 With Guy J

Here is information about Expand with GUY J from Liquified:


Expand is an all new TECHNO, HOUSE & UNDERGROUND event that takes us back to the basics of dance music with the philosophy of a dark room, a massive sound system and some proper mind numbing tunes!

Housed in a legendary 10.000 sq ft warehouse -home of our very first Atlanta show back in 1994 – eXpand gives a nod to the past and looks to the future focusing on the fundamentals of underground culture. We have transformed this venue into a living sanctum of positive energy where good vibes and all tribes come together under the pulsating spells of quality djs from around the globe and powered by a world class sound system by Pure Groove Systems.

Put simply, this is not some pop up club dj show! This is the future of underground dance events in Atlanta! Be ready to submerge into the experience..


Pure Groove Systems are ground-breaking designs by audio pioneer, Tom Danley, who spent his earlier years inventing electro-acoustic solutions for NASA and holds 17 loudspeaker patents, respectively.

PGS has been supplying sound for some of the most high profile festivals around the world such as Lightning in a Bottle, Beyond Wonderland and Lost in The Moment as well as providing set ups during Miami Music week for Armin Van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, Jamie Jones, Dirtybird, Surfcomber and the Ice palace. Now this ground breaking technology comes to Atlanta for Expand!

“Every once in a while something comes along that takes your breath away. Pure Groove Systems deliver a bone shaking sound of pure clarity that seemed to wrap itself around the crowd on the dance floor. This is a system DJ`s will want to play on and clubbers will want to dance to.”

- John Digweed Dj & Producer, Bedrock Records

Expand sets a new standard by bringing in revolutionary outside the box thinker, Richard Mueller, from Mueller Design Labs to design the the mind bending visual stimuli for your sensory overload!

Known for design at some of the most cutting edge events and art projects around, this mental interior designer and lighting guru will transform the venue into a work of art for everyone to get lost in!

Are you ready to experience the world through his eyes?


Guy J is a young, much-in-demand Producer, DJ and Live Act whose infectious production talents, busy worldwide touring schedule, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on Bedrock have all contributed to the success hes currently experiencing.

Along with a handful of his fellow countrymen, the Israeli is now at the forefront of a movement towards the melody-rich and emotionally charged roots of the House music spectrum. Guys productions have earned praise for their tight, driving beats, shimmering, warm synths and blossoming, journey like arrangements. Straddling the lively, timeless space between ambient, house, techno and electronica he constantly maintains a melodic and highly emotive core to his music.

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