Liquifed Presents: Steve Angello – Swedish House Mafia

Friday December 10, 2010 – Saturday December 11, 2010
1150 Crescent Ave

map Liquifed Presents: Steve Angello   Swedish House MafiaMap and Directions

Steve Angello- Friday, December 10
Opera Nightclub

Steve’s hunger for success in both music and business is clear. Producing for Interscope Records in LA and also the birth of Size Matters in 2010, an event concept bringing to life the ground-breaking label of the same name. His massive parties at WMC in Miami, Ibiza Rocks Hotel and smash US and UK tours, a merchandise range and now a compilation to boot – Size Matter’s continues to go from strength to strength. The Summer 2010 saw the launch of Steve’s unbelievable Sizemic Jarag Light Wall, featuring lights that used in the original Star Wars movies – demonstrating once again that Steve thinks big in everything he delivers.

Steve’s personal history is a humbling and noble tale, but you’ll have to ask him about that! What matters is that he’s lived it, he’s here to tell it, and through it all, he’s here to enrich the world with his amazing music.

It’s all about the attitude for Steve. You might hear that all the time, but for this extraordinary young man, you can really taste it. His music screams at you: passion, commitment, dedication, focus, drive, and energy. Music is no idle pastime for Steve Angello. It’s everything.

Steve Angello is an inspiration. He is a remarkable talent and a consummate professional. His music is borne of real life and real passion. This is just the beginning for Steve, he has just turned 21 years of age. He knows where he’s going, and he’ll certainly get there……

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