Ear Peace Hearing Protection For Concerts and Festivals

Beyond EDM recently received a review package from the guys over at Ear Peace. They have developed the next level in hearing protection. The old style of protecting your ears with those squishy foam things is a thing of the past. They look ugly, they fall out, you lose them after each show and they muddy up the music you came to hear. Ear Peace will revolutionize hearing protection for music lovers and the music industry.

Ear Peace products have been designed ear protection with the music lover in mind. They reduce the dangerously high decibel levels of large concert sound systems, while preserving sound quality. Beyond EDM recently hosted the Flux Pavilion Freeway Tour at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. We used this chance to test out the Ear Peace plugs. They fit like custom ear plugs from an audiologist that can cost hundreds of dollars. The sound at HOB is very loud and Flux had the system pushed to the limit with his blend of dubstep and bass music. The Ear Peace plugs provided great protection from the noise levels, while letting a full spectrum of sound pass thru into the ear. This was a huge improvement over the usual disposable foam ear plugs. We wish these had been available many years ago.

EarPeace box2 Ear Peace Hearing Protection For Concerts and FestivalsThe Beyond EDM crew recommends you grab yourself a set of Ear Peace hearing protection plugs today. They come in a pack of three plugs that fit into their own aluminum carrying case. The case has a clip that be attached to your keys or a belt loop so you won’t loose them traipsing around the festival grounds. They cost just $12.95, and that is a fantastic bargain. We have professional dj friends that have fallen victim to tinnitus, so we know the dangersĀ  that can come from being exposed to extremely loud music for long periods of time. Wearing your Ear Peace dj plugs can go a long way toward preventing hearing loss, and still let you hear the music the way an artist intended. Grab a few pair and stuff them in all your music-loving friends stockings this Christmas season.

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