Ear Peace Hearing Protection For Concerts and Festivals

Beyond EDM recently received a review package from the guys over at Ear Peace. They have developed the next level in hearing protection. The old style of protecting your ears with those squishy foam things is a thing of the past. They look ugly, they fall out, you lose them after each show and they muddy up the music you came to hear. Ear Peace will revolutionize hearing protection… read more +

New Pioneer DDJ-T1 Traktor Controller

Here at BeyondEDM we love gadgets related to Electronic Dance Music. Whether it’s a cool vintage synth, a new software emulation or a new mixer like the Pioneer DDJ-T1. This new control top style mixer is made to integrate with the Traktor digital mixing software. It has 4 channels of faders to match the 4 virtual decks in Traktor. Traktor comes bundled with the mixer making the $1000 price tag pretty reasonable.

The banks of buttons and knobs on the the DDJ-T1 are matched to the effects and looping functions… read more +