BeyondEDM review of Planet Dub event

On Friday, Feb 11 BeyondEDM brought you the Planet Dub event featuring Sunshine Jones. Here is our review of the night. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section. Also feel free to add your review of electronic dance music events in our forum.

Well, the return of Sushine Jones to NC is over and what can be said? It was great crowd filled with old ravers and new ones looking for adventure. I think the old school might have been a little happier, but hopefully the newbie came away with some love and understanding of new genres, new people and the essensce of what a true rave is about….namely MUSIC and talented DJs…not swinging glow toys around to Free-J hacks….

the lovely and talented j-star started things off with a bang….and banging Belgian techno….engulfed in smoke and awash in red lighting it made quite a brilliant picture and sounded quite brilliant too….

next up was the equally lovely and talented billie blaze who set picked up at Belgian and raised it some german technoes…unfortunately the smoke happy light crew and an overly sensitive smoke alarm interrupted the proceedings for a bit, but he also closed out the night with a few more technoes. HEAR MORE: every sunday night from 4pm to midnight

Tre Damit was next on the decks, and brought a smooth house vibe with a mix of vocals and tracks owing as much to disco as to edm. HEAR MORE: on wed nights

Next up was the man himself, Sunshine Jones, and he began a two hour odyssey thru quality underground house music. His trademark songs were sung live, with an occasional commentary on the state of the EDM union :) Veering into some 80?s classics from Vanity 6 and Talking Heads showed how a pro DJ can work a crowd and their set to include many genres, and not just play the Beatport top 10 downloads for the week. The crowd was def up for everything he played, and i think a fall show with him will definetly be in the works….

All night we had a camera crew from Wilmington, NC shooting HD video of the the night. They used the same camera that the movie District 9 was shot on, so we are expecting some serious quality images of the show. The guys have an indie movie coming out soon, and when it does we will be promoting the heck out it…..

thanks to all who came out, all the DJ’s, 333 Events for sound/lights, the HD camera crew from Wilimington, Southland Ballroom, special shout to Keat for all his help….look forward to more events soon…

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