Pure Groove Systems by Danley Sound Labs

Pure Groove Systems Built By Danley Sound Labs

Pure Groove Systems by Danley Sound Labs are set to become the industry standard by which all other PA systems are judged. These highly advanced pro audio systems are perfect for nightclubs, arenas, festivals and concert tours. They are set to make their worldwide debut during the Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, March 26-30th, 2014.

j1 white 224x300 Pure Groove Systems by Danley Sound LabsPure Groove Systems can be found in the Main Room and two other rooms at Ice Palace Studios for such high profile electronic music events as Richie Hawtin’s Enter.Miami, the long awaited Deep Dish Reunion and the Remembrance Festival 2014 with Dada Life and Bingo Players.

PGS will also be providing sound for The Surfcomber Miami Pool Parties. They will be providing their top of the line PA systems for Armin Van Buuren and Friends and All Gone Pete Tong Pool Party 2014. The Surfcomber Pool Parties are consistently some of the wildest and most talked about events during Winter Music Conference.

Cafeina Wynnwood Lounge will play host to the Pure Groove Systems demo days for music and concert industry professionals. They will also provide their premium sound systems for Claude von Stroke’s Dirtybird BBQ 2014 that will take place at Cafeina.

If you are a professional DJ, venue owner, audio or sound professional, artist manager, talent buyer, artist agent or any other music industry professional and would like to schedule a time to hear the future of loudspeaker and subwoofer technology, then Contact Pure Groove Systems.

Below is the press release from them about their launch parties during Miami Music Week and Winter Music Conference 2014.


Pure Groove Systems and Danley Sound Labs Join Forces To Bring Space-Age Audio Technology To Music & Nightlife Industries

Pure Groove Systems Debut At Miami Music Week With Ice Palace, Surfcomber and Cafeina Takeover Starring Armin van Buuren Circo Loco, dirtybird, ENTER, Get Lost, Paradise, Pete Tong & More

Pure Groove Systems today unveiled a new partnership with Danley Sound Labs, to create a groundbreaking series of sound systems targeted at nightlife and music industries.

Possessing over 25 years of festival and nightclub production experience, Pure Groove Systems are perfect partners for Danley’s foray into the music world, and will be installing Danley’s award-winning audio technology in the nightclub, concert and festival arenas.

Launched in 2005 by audio pioneers Tom Danley and Mike Hedden, Danley Sound Labs quickly differentiated itself from the pack by bringing Danley’s innovation and audio expertise to the loudspeaker realm.  Danley holds 13 Aerospace patents including being the first to demonstrate acoustic levitation for space research.  Danley also holds 17 loudspeaker patents, including the Servodrive subwoofer, the Unity Horn which was succeeded by the Synergy Horn, the Tapped Horn, the Paraline and Shaded Lens Technology. Additionally, Danley has been a research leader in the uses of acoustics in the military and industrial applications specifically related to active noise cancellation

During Miami Music Week, Pure Groove Systems will introduce themselves to the market by setting-up shop all week at Ice Palace, Cafeina Wynwood, and Surfcomber, providing audio for high profile events including Richie Hawtin’s Enter, Jamie Jones’ Paradise, Pete Tong’s Pool Party, dirtybird’s BBQ, Crosstown Rebel’s Get Lost, Circo Loco and more, as well as scheduling private demos for DJs, managers, agents and industry tastemakers.

Danley’s revolutionary power to size ratio gives Pure Groove Systems an aesthetic and environmental advantage over their competitors. Requiring reduced square footage, fewer speakers and rigging means Pure Groove Systems offers a less intrusive system that consumes less power, while delivering an unmatched audio experience.

“Danley Sound Labs bring an unrivaled level of audio technology and experience,” said Damian Murphy, founder of Pure Groove Systems. “I have produced dance music festivals and nightclub events for 25 years, and I have never heard anything that comes close to the power and quality of their sound systems. I am confident that these systems will set the new standard for the industry.”

“We’re delighted to work with Pure Groove Systems to create custom Danley sound systems for the nightclub and festival industries,” said Tom Danley. “We are confident our speakers will out perform any other brand head-to-head, and with Pure Groove’s knowledge of the music and nightlife industry, we have a formidable product to bring to market.”

Proudly built in America, Danley Sound Labs’ products are used by Cirque du Soleil, IMAX, and major sports arenas including Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field, Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, The Kentucky Derby’s Churchill Downs Stadium and many more.

To learn more about how Pure Groove Systems are revolutionizing how we experience music, go to http://puregroovesystems.com

About Pure Groove Systems:

Founded by Damian Murphy of Liquified, who for the last 25 years have produced thousands of EDM events and work with the biggest artists in the industry. Murphy is an established leader in electronic music culture, and continues to play an integral role in the burgeoning electronic music scene that Atlanta and Los Angeles currently enjoy. After hearing a demo by Danley Sound Labs, Murphy immediately recognized the power and superior quality of Danley’s products and Pure Groove Systems was born to bring game-changing audio to the live music and nightlife industries.

About Danley Sound Labs:

Danley Sound Labs is the exclusive home of Tom Danley, one of the most innovative loudspeaker designers in the industry. Danley Sound Labs was founded in 2005 and enjoyed immediate success largely due to Tom Danley’s reputation of building incredible products. Many people in the audio business said there was nothing new to be invented, but Danley Sound Labs quickly proved them wrong with a line of loudspeakers, subwoofers and other products that blew the competition out of the water. From the start, vendors were eager to be part of the team and the end result had everyone—from the Green Bay Packers to Cirque de Soleil—lining up for Tom Danley’s legendary products.

You can follow Pure Groove Systems Twitter @puregroovelabs, “Like” the Pure Groove Systems Facebook Page or visit them on the web at Pure Groove Systems.


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