Manuel De La Mare remixes Robbie Rivera’s “I Love Ibiza” just received a sneak preview of the new Manuel De La Mare remix of Robbie Rivera‘s “I Love Ibiza” track from techno label 303 Lovers. We can’t wait to get a full copy of this to play on the big speakers, because it’s storming through the small ones right now.

“I Love Ibiza” is real big room tune as you might expect. A driving kick drum punches out the rhythm under a snappy snare and bright high hats. The melody is a buzzy digital tone surrounded by a filtered pad. The break-down builds back into a rush of sound, then drops back into the beat with a nice melancholic sound and it’s back to that driving kick. Here is a small sample of the tune.


We welcome your comments in our BeyondEDM forum. Let us know what you think about Manuel De La Mare’s new remix of “I Love Ibiza” by Robbie Rivera.

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