Free Matthew Dear song download

Fresh off the Ghostly International twitter feed this morning, BeyondEDM came across this link for a free MP3 download of the Mattew Dear song Slowdance(How to dress well seance). Matthew Dear is an American DJ, songwriter and singer. His brand of spooky avant-garde pop has earned him a large audience worldwide.

His first single released in 1999 was a Detroit techno hit “Put your hand up for Detroit.” It was sampled a couple of years ago by Fedde le Grand and the resulting electro house remix was a massive hit, topping the dance charts and even going to #1 on the UK pop charts.

This song by Matthew is the latest release from his album “Black City”. The songs on this album have a very ethereal, post Gothic ambiance with reverb drenched vocals and droning synth lines reminscent of Dead Can Dance and the 4AD label of the early 90′s. Check out the tune below and leave a comment here or on the forum thread. If you have songs, Dj sets or interesting EDM related new you can shoot BeyondEDM a message at info@BeyondEDM.

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